About me

Welcome to my web page!

My name is Lilita Danilāne.

I am a psychologist, a teacher, a trainer, a consultant and an untypical practitioner.

I have founded “alter ego” school, and it feels amazing to be here!

My main life principle is to do what I can do, and be the best at it.

Second – never to lie to myself, nor the client. To say everything as it is, no matter how untypical or difficult life situations might be. I am sometimes uncomfortable to be around with, because I am saying what I think. I am different from the psychologists you’ve met.

But I’m also a person who reads books, listens to music and spends time with friends and family. A one who makes myself a new dress, or a tasty meal. I am excited to attend a play or go on a completely spontaneous trip.

I’m just a woman who wants to help others, and I am glad that my profession allows me to do it. I am happy – I have people to take care of, I have a job I’m good at. I am sure that everything is great.