My story

My full of hope and inspiring work methods are coming from my own experience in dealing with problems and 13 years of studying. I was practicing re-evaluation counselling (Harvey Jackins, Re-evaluation Counselling, ASV) with excellent trainers: A. L. Lihtarnikov, E. N. Chesnokova, Psychological Counselling, Russia. I got higher education in psychology. I’ve been working in teaching sphere for 10 years already, organising and leading and teaching psychology and business managing groups.

I’m not keeping it a secret, it’s what I’ve experienced in my early years has formed my life philosophy, it’s what describes my different work approach. At some point I came to a dead end and was looking for some answers about my life. During this search, I’ve met great teachers, who taught me to grow and develop, as well as share it all with others. All the experience I’ve gainedalways brought me together with someone who needed it. I always analyse everything, learn from it, and let others do the same. That’s the philosophy I live by. Everyone I meet is my life teacher, and I am the same for them. It is my nature to help people, to feel what each of them needs and share my experience.

Combining the experience I gained with my education, I’ve founded Personality development centre “alter ego” that, over time, became a school.

I was leading developmental psychology programs both for organisations and individually (psychological audit, management of meetings, phenomenon of stress in business, resource development management, as well as emotional intelligence). Step by step, I reorganised Personality development centre into an institution registered in Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia. I’ve developed and licensed a non-formal, two years long educational program for adults “Re-evaluation Counselling”. The goal of this program is to solve problems of emotional nature by figuring out and understanding the essence of emotions, understand the trail of thought and changing patterns of behaviour.

I am a wife and a mother of three children. I’m solving marriage and family life situations every day. I wanted to know what am I as a woman, what is my feminine nature, why certain things are happening to me and how to deal with them. I analysed what was happening to other women. Continuous search for answers let me see the true value of family. I realised that this seminar is necessary for women, so they can express their true feelings and thoughts in a friendly and supportive environment. They can also see lives of other women from different perspective and find needed solutions. This is how the “Woman’s Nature” seminar was developed.

You can guess that I am a practitioner in the world of emotions. I have many wonderful clients, whom I have helped in situations that in most cases were viewed as hopeless. I can help and solve every situation, as long as the client himself wants it. That’s my main motive. No matter how bad a situation can be, I think it can always be helped.