Individual counselling

A human very often experiences conditions that call for changes in certain aspects and areas of life. Change is a process that starts inside the human itself – within him. It’s like stairs where the first step is inner awakening. And it doesn’t matter anymore what was at the very…

For families

From time to time family encounters some problems that can increase tension, which then might cause damage to relationships between family members and grow into conflict. A healthy family admits difficulties and looks for healthy ways to solve problematic situations. Family is a system in which change of one family…

For parents

All parents wish the best for their kids, care about them while being guided by their emotional, intellectual, and sociological abilities. Being a parent is a joy and satisfaction, but at the same time it’s a responsibility, it’s doubts and fear of making mistakes, sometimes disappointment, uncertainty. Communication problems with…

For kids

Game therapy is a mutual interaction between myself and the kid in the game room. During counselling there is trustful, open and friendly relationship made. My aim is to help child to be himself, understand and use all his skills and abilities. In counselling child can take out his aggression,…

For teenagers

PARENTS OR THE TEENAGER HIMSELF CAN ADDRESS TO ME WITH THESE PROBLEMS: Difficulties in relationships with friends, parents, fellow peers, teachers, different types of fears, change in teenager’s behaviour, problems in school, learning difficulties, problems with choosing future profession, downcast mood, laziness, lack of interest, mood swings, aggressive behaviour, uneasiness,…

For adults

I HELP TO deal with: Life during crisis, disasters, in case of illnesses, changes in social life, if death of an important person happens, tense relationships with relatives, colleagues, inner uncertainty, downcast mood, addictions. During advanced consultations with can gain knowledge that shows who we are and who we are…